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The best hack is always undetected

Perhaps both anger and paranoia can be tools of revitalization in the political arsenal of opposition human rights. Evidence that Russia planted malware in potentially thousands of machines across swing states over a period of many months is now becoming clearer thanks to anonymous software engineering sources inside the United States Department of Justice.

Evidence shared with the DNC by software engineers hired by the U.S. DOJ to protect American systems from state-sponsored actors found malware that manipulated voting tallies in swing states in an effort requiring months of coding by Russia.

The November 2016 elections may have been manipulated and failure to detect the invading software’s code would have been essential to the hack all along.

While the Obama administration was able to build the most software and technological innovations during any presidency to date, the legacy state-sponsored actors have left behind may be the only one remembered.

Andrea shares more from the harrowing months leading up to the election for her family:

And the long-form New York Times article in Russian and English that was used to launch this blog in 2015.

The American public may have just witnessed the beginnings of Russian cyberaggression during the 2016 presidential elections and the worst acts of state-sponsored digital warfare would be yet to come.


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