Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein‘s words are powerful as human rights are eroded and violence against both marginalized groups and women and their children continue to mount in the United States. Writing is an intensely personal act and also a practice in catharsis. When grateful enough to find an outdoor or naturally inspired oasis, mobile, accessible software allows humans to record in any environment.

Non-fiction writing allows an individual to study anything, including oneself or any shared truth. Free from all judgement except our own, writing uncovers the most carefully guarded parts of our souls. True stories find their vibrant narratives and topics deemed too uncomfortable or painful are clear in writing.

Relatedly, new writing coming to this blog soon: 

  • White supremacist’s obsession with fighting against “multiculturalism” and “cultural Marxism”
  • The role of former refugees from Eastern Europe in the 2017 election in favor of Donald Trump in red states; specifically Russian, German, Polish, Slovak, and Ukrainian diaspora populations
  • The new white supremacy, racism, and misogyny of Breitbart, Storm Front and other white nationalist groups online, including their contributions to the DJT admin
  • Vladimir Putin’s hybrid war
  • Stalinism, Sovietism, Leninism, and today’s Russia
  • Feminism
  • How to give your money to black women
  • Software technology
  • Software financing and venture capital
  • Scaled technology services
  • Startups
  • More website and blog making/development tutorials (see the last tutorial on this blog from July 2015: Building a brand with WordPress)

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